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    Preorder here BUK THE SYSTEM is a compilation of experimental electronic music made in Pittsburgh, PA benefiting the Bukit Bail Fund. Comprising 19 original tracks, the compilation is both a collective call from the participating artists to abolish policing and prisons, and a fundraising effort to aid Bukit Bail Fund’s ongoing work to support those incarcerated at Allegheny County Jail. The Bukit Bail Fund of Pittsburgh was founded in honor of Frank “Bukit” Smart Jr., beloved brother, father of seven, and grandfather, who was needlessly killed at Allegheny County Jail when guards denied him medication and forcibly restrained him while he experienced a seizure. He was detained pre-trial, and had not been convicted of any crime. We stand with the Bukit Bail Fund’s demand to end cash bail, pre-trial detention, and the entire prison-industrial complex. All proceeds from the purchase of BUK THE SYSTEM will go to the Bukit Bail Fund of Pittsburgh. Mastering by Ali Berger Album artwork by Khadijat Yussuff Organized by Jessica Fuquay and Samir Gangwani

  • L I L I T H - Ambient Live

    Buy album here L I L I T H is a multidisciplinary artist who works at the intersection of digital art, emerging tech, sound, and performance art. L I L I T H  explores autonomy, femininity, and queerness in virtual and physical spaces through audiovisual narratives and performance of a preconceived future. In their new album, Ambient Live L I L I T H performs live ambient sets while you become indoctrinated into virtual corporeality. Instruments frequently used: human body, computers, tears, electric violin, voice, FM synthesis, electric guitar. Follow L I L I T H on Soundcloud, Instagram, and Bandcamp, and check out their website here.

  • Fauxchismo - Black Soles

    Buy album here Fauxchismo is an interdisciplinary artist working in interactive media, live-coding, and sound synthesis. Their journey into the underground music scene began at field & warehouse events in rural Texas during the mid 2000’s, progressing to a thriving queer techno scene in Pittsburgh where they draw much of their inspiration. “Black Soles” is a short album conversing with a range of atmospheric, aesthetic, and sonic experiences, cultivated from environments where you can’t be afraid to get your shoes dirty. Check out their Soundcloud and Bandcamp for more music!

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