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Speculative multimedia virtualist

L I L I T H is a multidisciplinary artist who works at the intersection of digital art, emerging tech, sound, and performance art. L I L I T H  explores autonomy, femininity, and queerness in virtual and physical spaces through audiovisual narratives and performance of a preconceived future.

In their new album, Ambient Live L I L I T H performs live ambient sets while you become indoctrinated into virtual corporeality.

Instruments frequently used: human body, computers, tears, electric violin, voice, FM synthesis, electric guitar.

L I L I T H creates disjointed narratives about preconceived futures of bodily autonomy and agency pulling from ideals of object oriented ontology and power dynamics in performance.

In their recent dual show, Possible Bodies, 2019 L I L I T H experiments with the Kinect controller and creates a motion capture system that allows the audience to interact and control their avatar with bodily movements.

L I L I T H is also the creator of Aether Institute, a platform that explores new frontiers of virtual embodiment while reflecting on one's own corporeality.

The process of creating an Avatar is one of birth, modification, revision, and reflection. As the Avatar is made, the creator reflects on their own physicality. Witness the Avatar as she gazes at you gazing back at her, as if she somehow realizes the limitations of her domain, and us of ours. Reaching into the Aether provides physical reassurance and permanence, and reflects the limitations of our domain. Simultaneously, the action is a vain one; while the limitations of physicality are transcended here, there is no guarantee of permanence and security in Virtual Form.

- Aether, 2020

L I L I T H aims to create a virtual future where the governing constraints of body politics are regarded in a new age of object recognition. Drawing from queer phenomenology and a speculative future viewing us as the AI body, a re-construction of synthetic neural networks of object recognition and the body as an object too; we recognize our un-real existence, our non-existent bodies.

Follow L I L I T H on Soundcloud, Instagram, and Bandcamp, and check out their website here.

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